Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello Guys

Hello guys sorry for not updating on this blog, this past few this my time is not enough to visit here because I need to go home early because the climate is always changing. Here in the Philippines, the weather is always change like raining in the morning then sunny in the afternoon or sometimes sunny in the morning raining in the afternoon or both. It makes me hard every time the weather will change because it's hard for me to find a jeepney to go home or even to go in my work. So, today I decided to stay on my mother-in-law's place so that I will not make me hard to commuting a jeepney.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

“Thinking Of You”

I Think of you day and night

Wishing you are here with me

You are here by my side

And to show me you care.

But then i have no choice

you're with someone else already

I have to keep the loneliness

And emptiness that i felt.

But every time I'm alone

I still think of you

I still bring to mind in the moment

That we share together

I still like you

And think of you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Before San Isidro Parish was created, the Diocese of Digos had only one church which is the Mary Mediatrix Church. Due to the increase of the population of people in Digos, they decided to create another church which is San Isidro Church.

The construction started on June 1980 through the initiative of the first Canadian Parish Priest named Father Claude Dumont in a form of Bayanihan System. Parishioners offered their services for free. Some donated construction materials, money, foods, and snacks for the workers. Major contribution for the completion of the church came from a foreign assistance and some big politicians like former Senator Alejandro Almendras Sr. and businessmen. For a period of almost two years the dreamed church was completed. It is as big as the Mary Mediatrix Church and has five masses every Sunday. It is located at the south part of Digos particularly along Rizal Avenue and Aurora Streets.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Resolution

When I'm in high school,my teacher assign us to make a new year resolution every new year that's why when one of student print a document about their new year resolution I remember my school days. Here is one of new year resolution:

I know last year, I was not good enough, I didn't do my best and because of that, I wouldn't be so shocked if I get low grades. I didn’t take my studies seriously in the prelim this semester I hope I can change my attitude about my studies this year so that I can improved my grades in the midterm and finals than prelim. And also I want to improve my attitude in going to school early.

In start of year 2010 I want to change my attitude specially the one that can make my grades low. I must have more time towards my studies because it is now midterm and I no more time to make fun in my studies because if I have the same attitude like in the prelim, I will have difficulty in making my grades improve or pass in the finals. I hope this time I should work harder and do things which are more productive. I know last year I do stupid things that hardly affect my grades, sometimes I can’t change that things because of my class schedule, I have a class break that have average of 3 hours. I must change that attitude by going to library and study my upcoming subject in every class break that I have, so that I can prepare myself in my upcoming subject. I must focus myself towards my goals this year, one of my goal is to pass all of my subject starting this semester so that I until I graduate because I want to graduate faster so that I can have my own business and help my parent financially. I also want to be more open minded to things around me so that I can know what the use of those things and also I can use them whenever I needed it, because last some things I don’t even know how to use it or how to use it. I must not be afraid to have mistake not like last year I even don’t recite or report in front of the class because I am so afraid that what I recited or reported will be mistaken, now I am not afraid to have mistake or I am willing to be risk taking and thrill seeking in what I will do specially in my report or project, I am just a normal person that can commit mistakes just like everybody. I want to be more creative this time than last year in what i will do specially in making projects. I must be an Agreeableness this year so that I be friendly and cooperative this year. I want to change also my attitude of being lazy specially my attitude to go to school early in the morning and that makes my 1st subject be candidate in being debarred, I will not try to wake up but I will wake up early in the morning every day I will promise that not only to myself but also in my parent. Because of being lazy I don’t know to do household work I always depend in our maid but I realize before new year when our maid was left I realize how hard to have no maid and how hard to do household work starting this year I promise to do some household work specially in washing my own clothes. I also want to change my attitude in not writing notes and not listening to some of my teacher while they are lecturing because many people specially my mother and my auntie always telling me that when you are listening and also taking down notes you can easily understood what your teacher are discussing and you can easily remember his/her lesson and even though you don’t you can still remember what her/his lesson specially in quiz and examination. And also I want to change my attitude in not reading my books specially when I got home to school I must read my books so that i can prepare myself for tomorrows class but last year I did not do that last year, I just go to sleep when I got home but this year I will change that attitude. This year I want to be serious in every goal that I want to achieve, to be serious in my goal I want to less my party time and “gimik” and have more time in being a good and responsible student, because last year I am a good and responsible but not so good and not so responsible student that I want this year. The main goal that really important to me is that having a time to god, because last year I only go to church 2 Sunday every month and sometimes just 1 Sunday, I know nothing is impossible to have perfect time in church every Sunday, that’s only once a week and what’s the reason that I don’t have time to go to church when I have no class every Sunday. Just like I said in my early resolution that Will not try but will do that every Sunday.