Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mañana Habit

Guys, did you know what is Mañana Habit?? Ok, it is familiar to all Filipinos... Mañana Habit is a Spanish word meaning “Tomorrow” or “At an specified future time”. In short, it is exactly described as “Procrastination”.

In Filipino terms, Mañana Habit means “Mamaya na” or “Do it Later”. Which results in a very unorganized way of doing things, specifically for office tasks because it affects the overall performance of an employee. Skipping deadlines, stress and anxiety are just soPme effects of that habit.

More Filipinos are really like this in concluding myself hehehe, Yah, I've realized that this malpractice is hard to remove because mostly we are grew up with this attitude. Based from my experience, this really affects my overall performance in work but I trying to change that attitude.

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