Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bad Things About Coffee

Since my mother and my husband drink coffee so often that's why now, my mother had a heart disease and my husband increase sugar. We brings my mother in the hospital and she stay there almost 2 weeks and the doctor said that she not allowed to drink coffee anymore. Why? 

Aside of good things about coffee there are also bad things these are: 

Short Energy - Because caffeine is considered a stimulant, it will give you a short boost of energy. But there's the keyword: short. It won't be long before you end up with a crash and then need more coffee or caffeine, but eventually you'll get to the point where caffeine will not even wake you up anymore.
Decrease Effect - Long-term consuming of caffeine means that in time, the effect of caffeine on you (as in the booster of energy that you want) will steadily decrease. Think of a sloping graph or chart.
Addictive Drug - Caffeine is considered a drug because it can actually be addictive. In fact, most people around the country and many over the globe drink this every day because they are addicted.
Other Effects - If you ingest too much caffeine, or caffeine on an empty stomach, don't be surprised to end up getting jittery or shaky. Also, if you drink coffee or energy drinks too late during the day, there's a good chance you'll end up staying up much of the night. Yes, caffeine can disturb your normal day to day pattern of sleep.
Dehydrating - Coffee itself has been dubbed a diuretic, meaning that you may dehydrate your body if you drink too much of it. It will also cause you to become dehydrated because it causes an increase in urine flow. If you drink coffee, make sure to consume enough water as well.
Yellow Teeth - If you drink coffee often, don't be surprised to find that your teeth will eventually turn yellow. Sometimes it's good to rinse your mouth out with water. Some people on the other hand, will become obsessed with this and brush their teeth right after every drink, which is a bad idea because this can easily strip your enamel (the protective blanket-like shield that layers around each of your teeth) and it will never come back. Just plain rinsing will help to clean your mouth and teeth without taking away that coating.

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