Sunday, April 1, 2012

Proud To Be Filipino

Do you also proud for being Filipino?  I get this from  Filipino website.

I am a Filipino. I was born here in the Philippines. I was born with Filipino parents. I am proud to be a Filipino. Ngek! Proud to be a Filipino? Then why do I speak english in this article? Thats what I like about being a Filipino. We are learners. We try to learn the culture of our neighbors. We do this not only just to please them, but also to get to know them and we always seek to understand them and for us to be understood as well. We are a very hospitable people. We love to entertain guests specially foreigners. we love to prepare our homes so our guests will be as comfortable as possible. We love to speak english so everybody can understand us.
Flag Raising Ceremony
Another reason why I love being a Filipino is that we always have a reason to smile about. even in times of trials and disasters we are smiling. We smile not because we are unaffected or simply being silly. We smile because we have hope in our hearts that after these trials there is a better tomorrow.

Our smiles is a sign of hope. Hope from a great God that we always go to in times of trouble. Thats another reason why I love being a Filipino we all trust, believe and love God. No matter what religion we are in still the love of God lingers in every one of us. We love God so much. We are a praying nation. We are peace loving people. We are a humble race that we shy in the light of recognition.
I love being a Filipino because, Filipinos are kind at heart. always willing to help even with strangers. even in the streets you will not encounter a filipino that is rude and foul mouthed. We are a people with values. and we love to respect our elders. We love our elders so much we are willing to take care of them till they on their death bed. We don’t put them in Homes and hire caregivers, we take care of them and love them in our own homes.
I love being a Filipino because, Filipinos love their families. We work hard for our family. We enjoy with our family, we cry with our family, we celebrate with our family. Whatever we do our families are always in our top priority list. We sacrifice our own enjoyment for our family. We get our moral support, confidence, and strength from our family.
I love being a Filipino because, Filipinos are the most flexible, most resilient people in the world. We can live without electricity, without flat screen TVs, without digital cameras, without, microwave ovens, washing machines, without the internet and all the luxuries in the world. Take them all away and still a filipino can live happily and peacefully. We love luxury but we can live without them. We value more of real, face to face relatioships than just texting or e-mailing each other form afar. We love to make things through our own resources, our own time, our own effort even without the aid of technology.
And most of all, I love being a filipino because, Filipinos are good inside and out. We love to help even when dont have money. We volunteer, we participate in good causes. We have a soft spot for people who are less fortunate, for the orphan, for the abandoned, for the children, for the grandmothers. Our hearts are big for these people. We do not ignore them. We may not help physically but we help in praying for them. We love our kababayan may it be here or abroad.
I love being a Filipino.
I am proud to be a Filipino.
How about you guys????

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Jesse Guevara said...

Kapag napasyal ako sa ganitong uri ng blog, na may pagpapahalaga at pagpupugay bilang PILIPINO ay may paghanga akong nadarama. Pinatitibay nito ang aking pananalig bilang tunay na Pilipino. Marami na ang nagigising sa ating mga kababayan. Kahit papaano, higit na mainam ito kaysa mga panooring walang katuturan sa telebisyon. At ang mahalaga sa lahat, binubuhay muli and ating pagtitiwala at pagmamalasakit sa ating sambayanan.

Nawa’y magpatuloy pa ang mga pagpapala sa iyo; NGAYON, BUKAS, at MAGPAKAILANMAN!

Tanging tunay na Pilipino lamang ang wagas na magmamahal sa kapwa Pilipino: IsangIsip, IsangSalita, IsangGawa; IsangKapatiran = IsangPilipino

Kuya Jes,