Monday, April 9, 2012

No for Meat

Being a Christian we are usually avoiding to prepared pork, chicken, beef or any meat as our fasting. My husband apply this to himself as a part of his fasting and penitence. He start not to eat rice every holy Thursday and ended on holy Saturday.

Anyway guys, why we abstain from meat? my co-blogger said that she heard two things that sound right,  first: Abstaining from meat is a way of practicing self denial and taking on a kind of voluntary, temporary poverty as a kind of "gift" to God. The idea of penance, which is the larger idea here, is thousands of years old, reaching back to the early Hebrews, at least. Some people wore sackcloth and ashes, others fasted and wept. It is a way of stripping away the tokens of wealth and power for a short time so we can remember who we are. We do this on the day Jesus allowed everything to be taken from him so we could see who he is and be saved. As part of this, meat (except fish) tended to be the food of the wealthy, and still does. Red meat especially isn't practical for the poor, because of the expense, space, equipment (freezers, for example), and such. In wealthy countries, the "poor" can still afford it in some form, but poor people in other countries (without electricity and refrigerators) might never eat red meat at all.  The idea is we avoid bloody (red meat) food out of respect for the Crucifixion, because Jesus gave his blood for us. Fish are okay, because they are "bloodless." (To the ancients, fish didn't appear to have much blood.).

How about you guys? what is your opinion?

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