Thursday, April 19, 2012

Being a mother

Hello guys, I am happy because I have a lot of   followers here. I try my best to make my topics very interesting  so that they will not stop viewing my blogs. Today, I am thinking what is the best topic that I can share to you. Hmmmm how about being a mother? I know most of us here is like me. Being a mother is not easy, I am not telling you that I m a perfect mother but I try to apply this attitude for being a good mother for my kids : 

  1. Be a good model to your kids
  2. Always there for them 
  3. Show your Love and be patience for them
  4. Be a good listener especially when they have a problem
  5. Be a responsible
I am a working mother that's why even if  I am very tired still I try to have a time playing with them and show how much I love them. :)

how about you guys? share with me. Thanks

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