Thursday, December 10, 2009

Filipino Values

There are a lots of values my parents teach me, one of that value is being religious. We attend church every Sunday, with this value I feared god, doing something bad in others is something that god forbidden. This attitude give me a chance to be close with other people because who would want to be friends with those bad attitudes. Then another value is respectful specially with those people who are ahead of you, specially elderly. If you tried to disobey them you will have what they so called makagaba, thats why I always respect my parents ,grandparents and all people. Then another value that is common to all Filipinos if you are really a Filipino is a family oriented person, that we love our family so much that whatever place we are we still have the time to think of them and to find a way to keep in touch with them.

One of the most known value of a Filipino that is known to all foreigners is being hospitable.
Filipinos will do anything just to make their visitors comfortable. This value is well practiced during fiestas, that is one of the thing I always observe my parents doing during fiestas. Its okay if we don't have the time to eat because we are so busy but we should make sure that our visitors have already eat.

Thats why people love to come in our house specially during occasions because after they eat, they can also bring some to their houses. Well its good because people will also say something good and they will adore you for that.

There are also values that I don't know if its superstitious or not that even know I still believe in it. It is what you called karma. I'm afraid to do something bad to others because if you do it will return to you and you will suffer even more. If other people will saw you that way they love to be friends with you. My friends and I have the same value thats why we understand each other, but definitely I am friendly I always have some friends wherever I go. I always talk to someone can make friends I don't want to stay in one place and just keep quite.

This value make me unique and make me a true Filipino, even if I am going to other country I will still teach my children the values that my family give me. This will give a good example, then I will have more friends because of this values. Attitude will affect of how you are being accept in a community, a person with a good value tent to have a good relationship with other people.

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